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Mens Waterproof Jackets

Weather is a state of mind. We can either choose to ignore it or avoid it. And when you live in the U.K. - a country famous for its grey skyline - you could waste a lot of precious time trying to avoid it.

Agreed. Rain can be a bit of a downer. But have you ever thought about how different life would be without it? Amateur meteorology is one our country's favourite pastimes. Where would we be if every day was the same old, predictably pellucid, eye-squinting sky. Conversation would dry up. Pun intended.

It’s not just the missed conversation but the missed sensation too. The sound of hard, driving rain on your hood. The feeling of shedding soaked layers and climbing into a warm bath. The spray of the nation’s favourite fine rain, as it subtly soaks. And the elation of being the first one to spot a rainbow, pointing it out smugly to your neighbour like you’ve just solved a magic-eye.

This is what our range of men’s waterproof jackets is all about. Fresh perspectives.

For all mountain adventurers there’s lightweight, hyper-breathable men’s GORE-TEX® jackets, with Berghaus waterproof jackets leading the pack in this field.

For protection without the price tag, there’s Peter Storm waterproof jackets and Technicals waterproof jackets; multi-functional gear which aims to make the outdoors accessible to everyone.

Urban explorers looking for a fashionable function will struggle to walk past The North Face Waterproof jackets. Thoroughly modern, magically minimal; these are layers living on the edge where grey meets the green.

Out of all the men’s jackets it’s safe to say a men’s waterproof coat is the most essential. For us though, it’s not what they protect from but what they promise.

As Bob Marley once said, “some people feel the rain, others just get wet.”

The North Face Berghaus Peter Storm Gore-Tex Jackets Jackets Buying Guide

Whatever your next adventure, Blacks have the Waterproof Jacket for you. Our proud history has taught us that each expedition has a different set of needs. Mountain ascents need warmth and versatility, and warm muggy hikes need breathability and ventilation. When you need the perfect Waterproof Jacket, we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you to the ideal choice. We have a great range of jackets to suit everyone including technical jackets, cheap jackets and many more.