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Kids Bikes For Sale

Every child should own their own bike! Learning to ride a bike is as easy as, well ‘learning to ride a bike’ and the best way to teach them is on a superb steed from our varied collection of kids’ bikes. Whatever stage of life your child is at, they’ll be pedalling in no time with the great children’s bikes we stock from well-known manufacturers including Sonic, Wild Bikes and Barracuda.

From tiny models with stabilisers to lightweight bmx bikes, children love the sense of freedom, adventure and speed that kids’ bikes deliver. Guaranteed to be on many children’s Christmas or birthday lists, order their new kids’ bike today.

Browse our collection of kids bikes for sale and choose the right one for your child. Whether they need one for riding along pavements or one for longer trail adventures, we have the right bike for you! Our bikes come in a range of colours and patterns, making them fun and exciting for both boys and girls. Take exercise to a fun and exciting level for your little ones and find the perfect bike today.