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Tent Carpets

Adding an extra layer of warmth, protection and comfort to every tent, the high quality collection of tent carpets provide essential support when pitching on every campsite. From your annual family camping holiday in the countryside, to the summer of festival weekends spent pitched in any field, rely on tent carpets with triple layered constructions, waterproof bases and lightweight carry bags.

Enjoy a day in the great outdoors with the knowledge that your campsite is fully equipped for a warm, comfortable and great night's sleep. The essential layer of insulation created by the tent carpets means you can wave goodbye to the cold tent floor and benefit from extra comfort, protection and warmth where you need it most. Pitch up and simply insert the carpet specifically designed for your tent. With the carpet securely placed, you can start to create the ideal shelter and base camp.

The luxurious finish to every campsite set up, our range of camping tents work to offer a completely comfortable, insulated and waterproof night’s sleep in every camping location. From the desert to the countryside campsite, a high quality tent carpet created by a top level brand is designed specifically to adapt to your location and create complete comfort.

Enjoy a night in the outback, wonderful wilderness or local campsite with reliable tent carpets easily secured into the inside of your tent.