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Tent Pegs & Accessories

The campsite is different for every person. From the rural adventures to the urban explorers, camping can take you to the highest peak, along the toughest trails and into the most relaxing campsites. You can enjoy a weekend, week or month spent under the stars and out in the sunshine if you remember to pack all the essentials before you go.

The main piece of equipment you need to create a home away from is obviously the tent. From the family sized 8 person tents, to the solo-adventurer shelters, we have a whole range of accessories that are essential in order to add extra comfort, protection and durability to your pitch.

From the ground up, its time to take action and opt for tent accessories that are going to make your next excursion the best yet. Our large variety of tent footprints from elite outdoor performance brands including Berghaus, Eurohike and Vango prove to be an essential for camping in wet weather with waterproof fabric constructions, tough and reliable durability, and robust steel poles to secure the tent footprint in place.

Once the footprint is secured, the tent carpets are a great option for campers needing extra warmth and comfort. As a tent accessory that fits perfectly to the inside of your tent you can benefit from an extra level of insulation and underfoot protection for colder night son the campsite.

With the tent set up correctly and the family enjoying their time outdoors, there are also products like the annexe tents or those needing extra space, and the Eurohike Cob Camping Lanterns which can light your tent all the way through the night.

No matter where your camping takes you, make sure you have all the accessories you need to create the ideal home away from home.