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Sports & Outdoor Watches

TTrack your performance, monitor your heart rate and focus on reaching every fitness goal with sports and fitness watches, activity trackers, GPS' and Heart Rate Monitors available at Blacks. These watches for everyone not just top athletes having this kind of information will help you create realistic training goals and help you understand how your body is reacting the exercise you are undertaking this will help you prevent injuries and keep you training for longer.

Helping to monitor your progress when completing a variety of different physical activities, our collection is designed to work with you to monitor your movement and focus on improving your next performance. Specifically designed for the outdoor adventurers, our watches are not just time tellers. They are tough, durable and innovative products that are determined to be the perfect companion for any outdoor activity including trail runs, hikes, treks on the hillside and mountaineering your way from peak to peak.

Our selection of heart rate monitors can see how hard you are working when you take on any challenge and push you to perform at your highest ability. Alongside this, the GPS watches and activity trackers can lead you from peak to peak with accurate mapping systems and specific location references.

From multi-sport and GPS watches, to outdoor specific watches and heart rate monitors, the collection can track and guide you from adventure to adventure. Focus on performance using innovative brands such as GARMIN, OS, POLAR, Phillips, TOM TOM and many more all available as part of our collection.

No matter whether your adventure takes you on a walk with the dog in the country, onto the trails for an off-piste adventure or across challenging terrain on your mountain bike, make sure your journey is tracked from start to finish with GPS watches, activity trackers and heart rate monitors you can count on.


Wearable tech is incredible popular with outdoor adventures including hikers and walkers who see the benefits of having your very own smart outdoor guide. Digital devices such as outdoor GPS watches unlock new routes and performance information that is valuable to bettering your best and pushing on into uncharted territory. We’re proud to stock a great selection of premium GPS watches and navigational technology from trusted brands including Garmin. From entry-level fitness watches to fully-featured rugged adventure devices, there is an outdoor watch to fit your needs and arm perfectly. Engineered for high performance activities, browse the outstanding range of navigation watches. Heart rate monitors, activity modes and terrain information are common features to give you the data and maximise your potential.