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Mountain Bikes For Sale

Put the pedal to the metal with a Lombardo, Barracuda or Calibre Mountain Bike. Race through the gears and quicken your pace with speeds that reache up to 15.5mph+. These bikes can certainly torque the torque too as they combine high torque with full squish suspension forks and 18-speed gear systems. Get in the zone and up your cadence as you tackle that trail and get ready to try a trick or two on one of these top-of-the range bikes.

Just starting out? Choose a mid-range bike which still handle downhill slopes, downside slopes and cross-country trails well. With protective mudguards and rear as well as front suspension, these hardtail bikes are equipped for shredding those hills, deflecting dirt and debris away from the tyres, and just like the rider of it, they certainly do not shy away from a challenge.

At Blacks, we offer an extensive range that includes hardtail and full suspension mountain bikes for men, women and children. You’ll be able shop everything from entry-level bikes all the way through to premium cycles packed with technical features. We only stock trusted brands such as Calibre, Cuda and Kona, so when purchasing any mountain bike for sale on our site, you can be confident that it’s a quality product. For children, we have Cuda Kinetic Kids’ Mountain Bikes available in various colours and frame sizes. For adults, Calibre supply a choice of hardtail and full suspension mountain bikes to suit different budgets. The Blade model is an excellent entry-level option or you can opt for the Rake if you fancy a higher spec hardtail bike. Alternatively, the Bossnut Mountain Bike offers full-suspension as well as front and rear disc brakes for downhill performance. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-range bike with all the technical features you could possibly want, the high-spec Triple B Mountain Bike is the one for you.