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Going in blind to a new hiking route? Tired of running loops around the park and ready to try out a new jogging circuit? Let these multi-sport GPS watches and GPS navigation devices guide the way and monitor your performance with advanced performance metrics.

All watches feature their own personal set of highly-intelligent technologies like PacePro™, a new reactive pace function that adjusts in relation to elevation and climb for more accurate predictions. When PacePro is applied to a course loaded to your watch, it analyses elevation changes along the course to calculate a pace strategy. As well as a long-standing battery life and GPS functionality of up 60 hours, the Garmin watches get Elevate™ wrist-based heart rate technology, so you can keep a watch-ful eye on if your heart rate is beating at a safe pace. Navigate your next walk with a handheld GPS device that provides BirdsEye satellite imagery for accurate, photographic representations of the surrounding area. For cycling, get an attachable bike mount if you prefer to use the maps functions on your phone or device.