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Girls' Trousers & Shorts

Browse away at our collection of handpicked trousers and shorts, chosen especially based on high quality as well as performance to give you the best selection available.

Hopefully you won’t be wearing shorts in the UK at this time of year; but just in case you are or if you’re going somewhere nice and sunny – we have you covered. Our range of girls shorts are lightweight and perfect for any outdoor activity, or for just hitting the beach in.

Our girls Regatta trousers are our biggest brand collection of girls outdoor trousers, they vary between softshell, capris and hiking trousers, giving you a selection of choice for each of your occasions. Regatta’s high quality will provide you with a high performance piece of clothing, giving you protection in your outdoor lifestyle.

For a more relaxed day why not check out our North Face or Adidas range which features trousers for a chilled day or even playing out with friends, their expert materials will provide warmth and comfort, giving you more reason to play outside.