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Picnic Tables

The perfect picnic can sometimes feel like a lot of work. From choosing what to eat, where to sit and who to invite, to continuously worrying about the weather, picnics can take a lot of planning to make sure that everyone is as comfortable as possible.

For those who are in search of seating and tables for the next family picnic, festival get together or wilderness retreat, the Blacks picnic tables and foldable picnic tables are a great choice. Durable, easy to transport and created specifically with you in mind, the picnic tables can create enough room to comfortably seat all your friends and family when on your next excursion in the great outdoors.

Designed specifically for families who have a lot of mouths to feed, the Eurohike Picnic Table Set includes two folding benches and two folding stools that can provide extra space for everyone to sit at the table. The easy fold table is also easily packed away for transporting to and from the campsite with enough space to seat 6 people around the table at any meal time.

From the breakfast lovers who are always awake to watch the sunrise, to the tea time snoozers looking for a place to relax after a long day in the great outdoors, a picnic table can provide a great place to relax in any location.

No matter what you're cooking up on the campsite this year, the Blacks collection of picnic tables can provide essential seating options, work surfaces and spacing options for every meal on the campsite.