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1 Man Tents for Sale

Our range of 1-man tents provide essential protection in a range of different landscapes. For the festival goers determined to enjoy a weekend under the stars, to the solo-travellers on their next expedition, our solo tents are designed with the whole world in mind.

Easily packed into a rucksack to be transported across the globe and back, our solo tents also have a keen eye on weight. They are designed to provide optimum protection and security without packing on the pounds. They compress down small and can be easily stowed in backpacks and rucksacks to create true versatility in your accommodation choices. Waterproof protection and sturdy support structures are key ingredients in your selection of the perfect 1-man tent so be sure to consider the hydrostatic head of the flysheet to ensure you have the adequate level of water-protection. Equally, look at the poling structure as the materials used create different levels of robust stability.

Be reassured though, all of our 1-man tents are designed with a successful pitch in mind. Whatever you want to do and wherever you want to sleep in the outdoors, we will have the tent for you. Buy it, pack it and set off into the wilderness (or the festival fields) for some quality alone time.