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Inflatable Air Tents for Sale

Designed to deliver high-performance inflatable structures, inflatable tents are easy to pitch and provide extra insulation for the cold nights on the campsite. From the large family tents, down to 4-man festival essentials, the inflatable tent collection is determined to make every outdoor camping trip special.

Built from weatherproof fabrics, with ventilating airflow systems and double-layer groundsheets that create dry ground wherever you are, the inflatable tent is a perfect option for fuss free camping. Turn up, blow it up and then live it up with plenty of space in your air tent for games, relaxation and a comfortable night's sleep.

Eurohike, Vango and Berghaus both offer great variations on the inflatable theme, with thick PVC beams that can be erected in minutes and will offer serious footage of dry, warm space for the family. These are the ultimate quick-pitch option for smart campers who want all the space of a traditional family tent with none of the hassle.