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Handheld GPS Devices

Helping to navigate your next journey from start to finish, the Handheld GPS Devices can utilise innovation and technology to get you from A to B and anywhere in-between. Enjoy a day out in the great unknown, a night spent trekking the harshest terrain and an adventure of any kind with a handheld GPS device.

Using maps from Ordnance Survey and TwoNav, the Handheld GPS' are great for hikers looking to explore the landscape or get off road.

Including the latest products from a range of high-performance brands, the handheld GPS devices have an ergonomic palm shape and a lightweight design for easy use. Advanced and intuitive, the Trail devices use the infamous OS mapping systems to be accurate, reliable and helpful when you need to go off road.

No more struggling with the paper maps or scrambling to find directions when out on the road, you can now use the water and dust resistant screen of the navigation finder to send you in the right direction. Enjoy every moment of your excursion, explore new environments and be ready to tackle any adventure head on with a walking handheld GPS tracker.

You'll be trekking your way from peak to peak, from trail to trail and from valley to valley with accurate, easy to use GPS tracking devices designed specifically to improve your outdoor excursion.