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Tent Footprints & Groundsheets

It's easy to overlook what's beneath your feet when you are out camping. Looking at the stars is fantastic, but pay some attention to the ground too. Our range of footprints are designed to enhance the comfort, warmth and weather protection inside your tent.

Reliable, waterproof and robust, the tent footprints are the ideal base layer for every base camp. The footprints will keep groundwater, morning dew and collected rain firmly outside your tent. Made from tough, resilient materials, they will also take a lot of hard use without wearing down, even the impact of heavy boots wont make a dent.

Most footprints are designed to fit with specific tents. Outwell, Vango, Eurohike and Berghaus all produce footprints that match the ground space in your family tent, stretching from wall to wall and creating a simple way to finish off your camp. Handy carry bags make for convenient storage and an easy way to transport the footprint to and from camp.

A tent groundsheet is great at waterproofing the bottom of your tent, but a tent footprint adds luxury and comfort as well. From the festival field to the annual family camping trip, benefit from additional protection and durable fabric construction when you need it most.