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Sleeping Bags

Following a great day in the outdoors, enjoy a good night’s sleep in a single lightweight sleeping bag from the Blacks collection. Wrap yourself up in our fantastic range of high-quality single sized sleeping bags, designed with comfort, warmth and performance in mind.

Included in our collection are the lighter sleeping bags that are designed to keep you comfortable in the summer. These one and two seasons bags can be easily stowed in a pack. They are light enough to help you hike your way to every peak and enjoy a night under the stars in comfort. From early autumn when the weather takes a cold turn, the added insulation of the cold climate sleeping bags provides the ideal warm layer. Three and four season sleeping bags are slightly more heavy-duty but still easily carried with you, and well worth it when it comes to night time.

Insulation comes in both synthetic and down styles. Down is the true warmth-giver but synthetic insulation is lighter, copes better with damp and still packs in plenty of heat. Berghaus and Eurohike both offer a wide range of adventure bags with plenty of insulation, a lightweight build and hoods to keep your head warm. Outwell bags are suited for all the family during holidays or festivals. Some even feature an integrated pillow for the next level in sleeping bag comfort.

A single sleeping bag is also the perfect option for festival camping and indoor stays when you’re backpacking or travelling. With a sleeping bag in your pack you can be confident of a good few hours shut-eye wherever you decide to call a halt.