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Tent Poles

In adverse weather conditions, tent poles can sometimes get damaged or broken. You might be packing up for the next trip and realise your tent poles are bent the wrong way, missing pieces or damaged badly due to previous weather. Whatever happened, it's essential that you find replacement tent poles ready for your next excursion.

Our tent accessories and tent poles range offers replacement tent poles, air tent beams and all specifically created to work with your tent.

The Eurohike replacement air tubes are simple-to-use, a high-performance piece and can easily be zipped in to the correct Eurohike Air tent. They come with step-by-step instructions and are simple to attach so you can pitch up and concentrate on the rest of the camping trip. High-performance, lightweight and specifically designed for your tent, you'll have your home away from home back to normal in no time.

For those who need replacement tent poles, our range includes fibreglass poles that come with repair sections that can be easily cut to the required length. The fibreglass is durable, lightweight and can with stand the impact of a whole range of adverse weather when used to pitch the tent in a variety of locations.

From your family camping holiday and your weekend away in the countryside, to the next festival trip or retreat into the great unknown, make sure your tent is ready to go and pitched to perfection with tent pole replacements specifically matched to your favourite tent.