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Tent Lights

Bring light to your camping adventure with a whole range of tent lights designed to improve visibility on the campsite in any season.

From your annual trip to the countryside campsite and the weekend getaway with friends, to festival camping and outdoor retreats into the wilderness, the tent lights can illuminate your campsite with ease.

Our range includes lighting that can be attached to the inside of the tents and lanterns for travel camping that are encased in a casing to create gentle light for adding a sense of warmth in dark nights. Determined to create the perfect home away from home, tent lights can help create the perfect place to enjoy a great night's sleep.

Another option is the Eurohike Pen Light which, as you may have guessed is pen shaped and can offer 120 lumens of light for up to 5 hours. The Eurohike light has a beam distance of 12 metres which means you can light up a whole campsite during the darkest of nights.

Woken up in the middle of the night and you're desperate for the toilet? A Eurohike LED lantern can lead you all the way from the comfort of your tent to the facilities and back again. No need to wander around looking for a torch and banging in to all your gear or your friends and families, the Eurohike LEDs have 360 degrees of illumination. On top of this, these LED lanterns have fold out carry handles and a built in compass which makes them an essential for every campsite.

Don't spend your holiday, travels or camping trip in the dark, find the right tent lights to improve visibility all night long.