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Boys' Fleeces & Sweatshirts

Don’t you hate those misguided weather days when it looks warm outside but it’s actually a bit chilly? From the time you leave your house to when you reach your destination you’re either too hot or too cold, the solution?A fleece.

They’re the ideal piece of clothing for when it’s not too cold but not too hot – a mid-weather item if you will.

It’s fair to say that if you suggested wearing a fleece to your child that they might not be best pleased, well they should be! Brands have been working to change the design and perception of fleece’s, and it’s working. It doesn’t just have to be a piece of clothing that a more mature person wears.

Our boys fleece collection features a range of brand which have completely transformed the way we think of fleeces with the technology, style and colours used. We also have a great selection of boy’s hoodies, our boys North Face hoodie demonstrates an urban, modern and sleek styling, one which isn’t unfamiliar to The North Face.