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Mens Fleeces, Hoodies & Zip Ups

Often overlooked, a fleece is something which everyone needs in their wardrobe. They’re the middle man between a lightweight jacket and an insulated jacket, best used for when it’s cold, but not quite cold enough. They’re the unsung hero of the men’s jacket category.

It’s quite fair to say that fleeces are the misunderstood option when it comes to jackets, they’re usually perceived as only being worn by a slightly older audience and only to be worn on cold days. However, this couldn’t be more wrong. New designs are becoming a lot more on trend with their styling and colours, not to mention the different weight varieties meaning that you could even wear one in the summer.

With that in mind, the options are endless with the men’s full zip fleece, men’s half zip fleece and men’s quarter zip fleece varieties. Usually all fleeces are designed to serve the same purpose so don’t let the wide range throw you off, they’re merely for personal style preference!

The men’s North Face Fleece is nothing but an essential, they perfectly partner their lightweight jackets for especially cold days or they work perfect solo on a cool day. Their modern designs completely shift the usual perception of fleece’s and their more traditional owners, making them look fresh, urban and on trend.

The North Face aren’t the only ones to be thanked for the long awaited modernisation of fleece’s, the men’s Berghaus Fleece are also leaders in style and innovation. Their designs slightly move away from the heavy fleece fabric and instead focus on lightweight fabrics, making the fleece’s a must have all year round.

A good fleece is the most reliable garment you can wear for protection against the cold. Lightweight, naturally quick-drying and breathable, it’s the ideal insulating layer. At Blacks we have a fantastic selection of Men’s Fleeces, from hooded tops and half zips to gilets and full jackets. Our range utilises the very latest technology and draws on the expertise of the best outdoor brands around including Berghaus, The North Face and Montane. We have more than a century and a half of experience kitting people out to face the elements, so take our word for it and get prepared for your Life Outdoors.