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6+ Man Tents for Sale

Find the perfect spot on every campsite with a 6 man tent designed to add extra comfort, warmth and protection to every trip. Determined to protect you against adverse weather conditions, house a range of guests and be the ideal base camp to accommodate every group, our easy to pitch 6 man tents arrive from high level brands from across the globe.

Take a look at a range of inflatable, quick-to-pitch and pop up tents determined to make your camping trip as comfortable as possible. Eurohike and Berghaus both offer great variations on the inflatable theme, with thick PVC beams that can be erected in minutes and will offer serious footage of dry, warm space for the family. More traditional poled tents still have their place at the heart of family camping life. Our selection includes a range of tent shapes, sizes and internal layouts that you can turn into your ideal outdoor base.

Tunnel tents offer plenty of space for wet clothes and boots, often featuring a dedicated 'wet space' at the entrance. Geodesic and dome tents offer high levels of wind protections for you to hunker down into during heavy weather.

Inside the choice of a general sleeping area or divided bedrooms allow you to opt for privacy or communal party atmosphere. Blackout windows and darkened bedrooms increase the chance of a well-rested night even in well-lit campsites.

Built with easy pitch systems, tunnel tent designs and fully waterproof fabrics, the 6 man tent collection has something for everyone.