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Girl's Gloves & Mittens

When hands begin to shiver and shake, these cold-weather gloves are a great kids' accessory to have with you on your walking trip. With 4-way stretch systems combined with Thinsulate inner linings to overcome both claggy and cold hands, your little outdoor enthusiast won't be in need of a new pair of hands after skiing, hiking or cycling. So that you never miss a grip, technologies like Hydrostatic Heads that absorb up to 5,000mm of water, ARED performance fabrics and textured grippy palms are all a bonus for when it begins to rain but your youngster still has energy to burn. Ski gloves are often made from tough and robust polyester, knitted gloves get a fleecy lining for when the walk turns breezy, and brands like Hi-Gear offer matching hat and gloves sets so that your little one can coordinate their colours and accessories as the seasons change.