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Picnic Cool Boxes

Feeling peckish? Whether you’re going on a long family road trip and you’re expected to be stuck in the car for a few hours, or you’re a picnic fanatic, fill up these Cool Boxes and Cool Bags to stop your hunger pangs in their tracks. Prepared for the journey with sandwiches and snacks, you won’t even need to pull over to make a pitstop at a service station for food.

With Cutlery Wallets, Picnic Blankets, Picnic Rugs and Ice Packs, you can keep your food fresh and transport your Cool Box or Cool Bag to a local National Trust or favourite spot in the countryside - just don’t let any dogs gate-crash your picnic! Shop our Cool Boxes and Cool Bags below. Planning on a minibreak? Ramp up your camping trip by taking a Mini Fridge, Marine Cooler or Camping Fridge with you and stacking the shelves with savoury snacks, sweet treats, smoothies and more.