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Road Bikes For Sale

From downhill demons to committed commuters, hit the road on your favourite from our range of quality road bikes. We stock a wide selection of road bikes which offer speed, agility and efficiency to give you confidence when taking on the tarmac.

Looking for a road bike that provides peak performance on long runs and weekend distance rides? Specialist road bikes are built from quality components that keep weight to a minimum without compromising their stability or strength. Looking for women’s bikes? We have a charming selection of hybrid and town bikes that are sure to capture your imagination; featuring classic designs, baskets and bells which are all designed to turn heads. Need a little extra power when cycling? Check out our exciting range of electric road bikes or hybrid e-bikes which use high-powered motors to give you a helping on the way to work or around town. We also have a wide range of cycling clothing, parts and components for you to choose from.

Road bikes are sleek, streamlined, lightweight and refined. This is smooth, speedy riding without the crash, bangs and wallops of MTB. Our range men’s and women’s road bikes is focused on comfort, reliability and fun, with brands such as Calibre, Kona and Compass bringing their A-game to a different kind of riding. We have men’s and women’s road bikes for sale that will free you to explore the countryside, cut down the commute to work, and even speed to the shops if needs be. Get out and have the ride of your life.