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Founded in 1984, Outwell is one of the most respected and trusted camping brands in the industry. Known for products which showcase quality, functionality, innovation and cutting-edge design, Outwell makes camping comfortable, easy and fun for all the family.

Relentless innovation is at the core of Outwell’s success as they strive continuously to manufacture product which makes camping enjoyable for all. Their tents are packed with revolutionary technology and quality fabrics including air beam technology, panorama openings and easy access systems. The versatility, comfort and space of Outwell’s family tent collection makes it a great choice for holidays and staycations in the UK and Europe. Complete your set up with the range of quality camping furniture, tent accessories, camp kitchen gear and sleeping equipment from Outwell.

Innovative Family Camping – this is the essence of Outwell
At Outwell, we are passionate about tents and camping and we believe that everyone should experience the enjoyment of living outdoors at least once in their lifetime. For us true family camping is all about emotions – the living of life’s little adventures, encouraging children to explore, and be inspired by, the great outdoors. And our aim is to play the fullest role in making a fantastic camping experience that creates great memories for all the family.

We believe camping is for everyone and we aim to inspire families to enjoy outdoor living to the full. This is what drives us to continually develop our complete range of innovative, premium tents and equipment and shape the future of family camping in Europe.