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Kids Daysacks

Gear up and get and out and about with your kids by letting them pack their very own childrens' daypack or rucksack. From Eurohike rucksacks with a generous 10L of space, to junior rucksacks for themed on Disney movies and mythical unicorns, your little hiker in the making will be set for the day ahead!

With supportive back straps and padded shoulder straps that help to share out weight evenly across the back, the power is in the hand of your little one to pack what they need for the day into one of these lightweight Kids' Daypacks. Whether it be a headtorch for sitting round the campfire at night, their favourite winter walking bobble hat to prevent a case of icy ears, or even their new knitted scarf that they got for Christmas off grandma last year, you can always ask if they've remembered everything, without you having to carry all the other outdoor accessories they might need yourself.