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Multi-Sport Watches

Heavy on the pursuit of your personal best, multi-sport watches provide an exceptional data analysing performance for every athlete. From the trail runners to the triathletes, the multi-sport watches provide advanced performance metrics to monitor your form and performance all day long.

Take to the trails faster than ever, pick up the pace on the track and scramble your way to the top spot with precise performance measurements, heart rate monitoring and smart notifications which are sent directly to your phone.

Our range includes high-performance brands such as POLAR, GARMIN and SUUNTO with a variety of running, cycling and triathlon watches designed specifically to improve accuracy when out on the move. The POLAR multi-sport watches are functional, responsive and ready to race. However, alongside this the GARMIN collection is innovative and incorporates the latest technologies to provide accurate data analysis every step of the way.

For those looking to work on completing the next adventure, the multi-sport watches offer accurate GPS and GLONASS satellite reception with automatic updates and Quickfit™ metal straps to improve comfort and remove easily. On top of this they have advantages such as being water-rated up to 100m and Bluetooth Smart Heart rate technology to improve data analysis.

No matter how far your adventure takes you, or at what pace, make sure to capture every piece of data with running watches, cycling GPS' and triathlon computers that are combined to create innovative and advanced multi-sport watches for performance at all levels.