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3 Man Tents for Sale

Get outdoors this camping season with 3 man tents designed to provide space, comfort and protection for wilderness explorers and small families alike.

With super-quick pitching times, reflective guy lines and space for three people to sleep comfortably, this range of tents will contain something just right for you. From the family campsite and the festival, to the off-road adventure and wilderness expedition, our collection provides three man tents for every getaway.

Pitch up with ease and ensure a comfortable night’s sleep in any location with waterproof protection, lightweight designs and sturdy constructions. Reassuringly waterproof and built to withstand heavy wind. Fibreglass, aluminium, steel: 3 man tents come with a variety of poling systems, each with their own balance of weight, strength and ease of construction. Choose accordingly but be confident that we sell only materials that we believe will keep you wholly protected and under cover.

Inside there will be enough space to make a cup of tea, play a game with the family or relax and read under the light of a suspended lantern. Whether you choose a tent with open space or an integrated bedroom, modern materials maintain a steady airflow and breathability for temperate comfort all night long.  A 3 man tent isn't a mansion, but it's a place to be comfortable alongside people you want to spend time with.