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Backpacks & Bags

A good backpack is the outdoor man and woman's best friend. Our range includes exceptional offerings from Berghaus, Osprey, Gregory, The North Face and more. Backpack can mean a lot of things, from a smaller, technical daypack or commuting bag, to the larger capacity rucksacks built for bigger adventures.

We have backpacks for men, backpacks for women and backpacks for the littlest hikers (AKA, the kids). Packs with a woman-specific fit feature backpanels with curvature designed to match the female form. Kids backpacks are lighter and smaller but no-less effective at turning a day out into an adventure.

The larger backpacks offer enough storage to keep you going for a couple of days, ideal for weekend camping or travel. Find the perfect pack for your needs by comparing storage space, backpanel design and the convenience of pockets. Getting the right balance between these three key areas will turn your backpack into your travel HQ.