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Camping Chairs & Stools

A camping chair is essential to the finest camping trip. Forget sitting on wet grass or lumpy ground; treat yourself to a quality seat that will keep you refreshed for tomorrow's adventure. Our range of camping chairs and camping stools run the spectrum of price points but all offer excellent value and plenty of comfort.

Choose from a simple folding camping chair, ideally with a cup holder for your morning coffee or evening beer. These easy-to-use chairs don't require any construction and simply fold out for immediate relief. They feature tough materials and strong, lightweight metal frames for the perfect balance of toughness, comfort and ease-of-carry. If you are looking for something more luxurious still, check out the range of inflatable chairs. Either self-inflating, or just requiring a little bit of manual puff, they blow up to create the ultimate place to sprawl after a full day of action. And with groundsheet friendly materials, they won't take a toll on your tent either. Camping stools are a super-lightweight option for when weight or carrying room are at a premium. Perch on these and take a load off. They are perfect for overnight trips or for festivals, where a short sit down is just a break before the next headliner takes the stage.

Camping chairs are more than just a way to relax. They add character to your camp and make you feel at home even when you're in the wild. Our range definitely has something to suit you.