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Sleeping Bag Liners

You've sorted out the sleeping bag, tent and camping bed and now you need an extra layer of warmth to keep you comfortable during the cold winter nights. No matter the location, the chill of the wind, the crisp frosty mornings and the wet weather can put a really dampening on your retreat without essential insulation and support from the right products.

Determined to make the most of your camping experience, choose from a collection of sleeping liners which are innovatively lightweight, easy to pack and completely comfortable in every environment.

The Blacks sleeping bag range includes poly-cotton fabrics to increase breathability and ripstop cases to take your sleeping bag liner to every peak. The ripstop fabric wicks away moisture and improves durability for the cold summer nights. Alongside this, the increased breathability enhances the airflow in the sleeping bag and focuses on insulating you to provide a great night's sleep in every outdoor location.

No matter whether you're heading to the annual family camping trip, the summer season of festivals or the solo global expedition, a carefully chosen sleeping bag liner can promote warmth, comfort and protection for every camper. Rest assured that your sleeping bag and sleeping bag liner are working to give you the best night's sleep no matter where you lay your head.