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Cycling Energy & Nutrition

Running low on steam? For when the bike ride hunger pangs strike, or you start to feel a little low on the slopes, make sure you are stocked up on these energy bars, energy drinks and nutritious fuel-up foods. When you are really in the zone, stopping for a sit-down lunch may hinder your progress, but multi-nutrient energy snack bars contain essential vitamins and healthy, non-artificial sources of fuel including calcium, potassium, magnesium, and B vitamins.

Training for a marathon or 10K? Tracking your time on your stopwatch? You may need something with a little more zing and a bit of a kick to it, especially if you are up bright and early for a morning workout. Try the calorie-free sports drinks with a dash of caffeine and packed with 5 electrolytes from Powerbar. These drinks come in tablet form too, so you can choose your style of energy refreshment and running snack when your thirst or appetite begins to sound the alarm.