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Backpacking Tents for Sale

For the solo adventures determined to trek their way across the globe, to the backpackers exploring hidden wonders, our backpacking tent collection provides lightweight, protective tents that free you to roam.

A backpacking tent is easily packed away in your rucksack and light enough for transportation on your back across challenging terrain. Using innovative lightweight materials, our range of backpacking tents fits this brief. We feature tents from the best brands who are committed to getting you out under the stars at night.

Created with breathable, waterproof fabrics for extra protection in every climate, the backpacking tents also boast stable structures and sturdy guy lines for a confident pitch on every terrain. From the 3 man easy-pitch options, to the solo sleepers, find the right backpacking tents for your next adventure.

Waterproof flysheets will fight off even the most torrential downpours, whilst the waterproof groundsheets create dry ground wherever you go. Sleep in comfort and confidence in your bespoke shell and wake up to a different dawn ever day.

Light and compact enough to be transported on your back or taken on a plane, our backpacking tents are literally designed to make the world accessible to you. Foot-power is the one mode of transport you can truly rely on. With our range of backpacking tents we aim to ensure you always have somewhere to stay when you arrive at your destination.