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Bike & Cycling Guards

Steadfast, resolute, and full of stealth are these protective knee pads, elbow pads, elbow guards, shin pads and elbow warmers for cyclists everywhere. For those who like to hit the trail, these abrasion-resistant pieces of kit will act as your armour as you get into neutral positions and attack positions when you approach a rocky or steep area of the trail. Whatever the terrain, try out this cycling protective gear and you feel confident as you cross boardwalks over marshy areas.

On guard to help you at all times, these padded knee protectors and elbow shield will diminish fear about you losing your balance on your bike. As you endure untimed climbs and timed ascents on the enduro race, get your heart racing with the reassurance that this safety equipment is in your side. Brands like FOX ensure fit-for-purpose, functional kit that looks as well as performs on point.