Wild Camper


Campsites are full of the most interesting, friendly and helpful people,
no matter where you are in the world.

Whether you're at a fully fitted family campsite, with an on-site pool and play area for the kids, or if you're in a temporary haven of your own making in the deepest and darkest wilderness, it's the company you keep that makes the experience. Each type of campsite has its' own diverse set of characters - but which character are you?


Rugged and ready, the wild camper ditches the luxuries to get closer to nature. Often found dozing in a bivvy bag or under a tarp, the Wild Camper is a back-to-basics sort, searching for a more authentic experience.


A Wild Camping Adventure

Ever fancied escaping the monotony of modern life? Enter our Wild Camping Competition for the chance to win an adventure for two and some top of the range camping essentials.


Escape the Campsite
A Wild Camping Kit List

Time to leave the luxuries of the modern campsite behind and head out into the real heart of darkness. Before you do though, make sure to fill your backpack with these wild camping essentials


Ian Finch
The Rules of Wild Camping

Ian is our go-to-guy when it comes to adventure advice. Here, he explains the rules and regulations of wild camping in the lush landscapes of the UK.


A Midweek Micro Adventure the 16 hour countdown begins

Lanky staff member Sam disappeared on a Wednesday night into the woods. He was going on a "midweek micro adventure" and roughing it in his bivvy bag. Did he do it by choice? Or did he have a row with his mum? And did he have a nice time? Find out here...


The Family Camper spills into the campsite in a flurry of awnings, tents and toys, buzzing around and putting up their personal palaces. They create a real home from home, with luxurious living spaces and plush bedrooms - and what family campsite isnt complete with a self proclaimed grill aficionado tending the barbecue and cooking up a storm?


The Pitch Up Blogger Challenge

Do you know your poles from your pegs? Your groundsheet from your guylines? We’re giving several lucky bloggers the chance to test their skills by pitching the Eurohike Rydal 600 as fast as they can. Who will top the leaderboard?


The 10 Best Family Campsites 2017

To help you plan the perfect family adventure, we have asked James Warner Smith, editor of the new guidebook Cool Camping: Kids, to pick 10 top campsites where youngsters rule the roost.


10 Tips For Camping With Babies and Young Children

Jamie Oliver is about to embark on the joy of camping with her previously non-camping husband and two younger children. As a seasoned pro, she's decided to share her top tips to camping with the kids.


The 10 Pieces Of Camping Equipment Any Family Needs

Consider the following your fundamental family camping equipment; a foundation if you will, on which to build, adapt and improve upon.


The Festival Camper is all about quick comfort - armed with air mattresses and aspirin. Time is of the essence, so quick pop-up tents are a must to maximise revelling time. The Festival Camper is decked out in the brightest and most eye catching colours, yet still struggles to find their tent in the crowded festival fields.


That Festival

Check out the best of your mud-spattered, sun drenched festival photos here.


Tents? Tape? Glitter?
Our Festival Essentials

We asked the most seasoned festival revellers in the office for their survival essentials. From hangover cures, to footwear, to looking your sassiest, we have got you covered.

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