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Camping Shelters & Windbreaks

Plan your next garden party, outdoor event or camping trip with shelters designed to protect you from windy and wet weather. From the event shelter with ideal light hanging points, to the windbreakers and beach shelters that perfectly protect you from the sea breeze, our range has something for all kinds of camping. Stay dry and safe from the wind in every season with camping shelters designed specifically for you.

For the ideal outdoor party, take a look at our selection of Gazebos with sturdy pole systems and lightweight pack sizes for easy transportation to and from the event. Windbreaks are easy to erect, often pegging simply into the ground. They can be used to establish the perimeter of your camp and add privacy alongside much-needed protection from the wind.

Transparent panels still allow the light to flood in and give you windows to look beyond the windbreak without compromising privacy.

Our shelters are designed to be waterproof, with a variety of technical materials that keep rain at bay and do not allow moisture to penetrate the outer water-resistant treatment.

For the most intrepid adventurers, our survival shelters work as a final safety net for mountain exploration. If an accident should happen, or if the weather takes you by surprise, simply use the 1 or 2 person shelters to create a small space of warmth and protection whilst waiting for assistance.

Shelters can make camping more comfortable or save the day if the conditions turn really bad. We know the value of an effective shelter and we are confident in our range and its ability to keep you sheltered from the storm.