Didriksons 1913: Sweden's Best


Didriksons 1913: Style and Substance From Sweden's Best

The Scandinavians are notorious for some peculiar things: meatballs, frustrating flat pack furniture and winning questionable song contests and above all functional outdoor clothing.

'...a family company with a pure philosophy and an idea'

It’s 1913 and in the small town of Grundsund, Sweden (current population of just 627), Julius and Hanna Didrikson stopped challenging the elements, and instead decide to adopt them. In the humblest of humble beginnings they started crafting protective workwear for the local fisherman, operating on Sweden’s western coastline.

Their main priority was to make functional garments that kept the wearer dry and happy in all weathers, from freezing temperatures to torrential rain.

One hundred and two years ago, Didriksons was a family company with a pure philosophy and an idea. Thankfully, it hasn’t changed. They design weatherproof outwear for everyone, with timeless style and flawless quality that thrives on everyday adventure.

'Leaving more of the outdoors for you, and them, to explore.'

Whilst the Didriksons ethos has stood fast, the world has changed around it, and with this change has brought new challenges, particularly with regards to the environment. A genuine adoration for their surroundings, and a will to preserve it, means that Didriksons are exceptionally environmentally conscious.

They work tirelessly to reduce carbon footprints, minimise the use of chemicals, outright ban toxic substances and reduce water and energy usage, leaving more of the outdoors for you, and them, to explore.

With a range of highly weatherproof and warm clothing that exemplifies fine fashion, wearing Didriksons guarantees peace of mind, knowing that you’re protected and stylish, without having any adverse effects on the environment.

Didriksons looks to preserve and enjoy the outdoors. Do you support their philosophy? Share your appreciation below or on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages now.

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