Taking Fatherhood Outside – Dads That Walk

To celebrate Father’s Day 2022, we’re taking a moment to recognise Dads – the unsung heroes of the outdoors who teach us everything from our first steps to our first summits. What better way to do that than by speaking to Dads That Walk, a group formed in September 2020 that brings dads together through a shared love of hiking and adventure. We caught up with one of the group’s founders, Daniel Allison.

“Myself and Andy (fellow founder) met when Andy arranged a charity walk” Daniel recalls, as he discusses how the group was formed. “We had a great time and many of our individual followers on social media sent messages saying how nice it looked and that they would love to have come along. So we decided to arrange a group walk.”

What started as a group of mutual friends walking together quickly picked up momentum, as more and more fathers joined in the group walks and came together on social media as a way to make new friends and share experiences as they tackled fatherhood in the same manner that they tackle mountain trails – head-on.

dads that walk on a group walk

“Family commitments can make it hard to find time [to get outdoors]”, Daniel insists. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why 70% of fathers claim to feel an increase in stress levels in the 12 months after becoming a dad, according to research from Movember. It’s important, then, that Dads That Walk “gives Dads a safe environment to talk, walk and push themselves physically and mentally”.

According to Daniel, becoming a father changed his perspective on spending time outdoors, turning it from a pastime to a necessity. “I personally need that little bit of time to myself and start the day with a walk before the day begins. It gives me time to think and plan life and keeps me active to set an example”. For those dads wondering ‘how do you find the time?’ Daniel says “I try and involve the children in some of the walks. Other times I get out early on the weekend so I can be home again to have family time”.

dads that walk on a group walk

All that’s left is to ask how Daniel and Andy will be spending Father’s Day this weekend. Fittingly, he admits, “the night before we are actually attending the fatherhood awards where we have been nominated for a Dads community group award. Then home to the family for hopefully a walk!”

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Adam is a lover of the outdoors who’s recently moved back to rural Lancashire after living in the urban confines of Leeds for the past few years. His favourite pastimes include cooking, playing countless sports to a barely acceptable standard and exploring the local countryside with his dog, Chip.

When the weather gets in the way, Adam can be found at home watching films & TV and listening to music. If he’s not there, he’ll be in the pub down the road.