Blacks Partners with The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Blacks and our wider outdoor family (Millets, Ultimate Outdoors, Go Outdoors & Tiso) are very pleased to announce our new partnership with The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award to become a DofE Recommended Retailer for Expedition Kit.

This means DofE participants, Leaders and volunteers will have access to the biggest range of outdoor clothing and equipment, with more than 200 stores across the U.K. and an online shopping experience like no other.

What's Changing?

Everything and nothing!
All new and current DofE members will still be able to use their existing DofE card to redeem their discount in-store and online until October 2018. Participants can save15% and  DofE leaders and other adult volunteers can save 20%. From October the DofE will be issuing new cards to all of its members and prompting you to activate it using the unique code on the back, via the DofE website.

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in-store?
Not to worry, all recommended kit will be available to all members at Blacks online so you can spend less time shopping and more time outside! Ask your DofE Leader for your unique discount code and use it to redeem your discount on non-exempt items in your basket.

This is only the beginning!

Never one to follow the herd, Blacks will be using our top-of-the-mountain online platform and our outdoor expertise to offer a revolutionary shopping experience for those involved with the DofE; with a few surprises tucked into our utility pockets just to keep things interesting.

Good luck with your DofE award and see you on the trails!

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