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April 8th, 2017, Ed Jackson suffered a life-changing injury which left him paralysed and fighting for his life. A year on from his accident, this former professional rugby player, climbed Snowdon, much to the astonishment of his doctors. Since then Ed has pushed his own recovery through mountaineering, and created a positive change for others facing physical and mental adversity.

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“The outdoors gives me a space to redefine my own limitations, but also hopefully send a message to other people who are putting limitations on themselves.”

Ed Jackson
Ed Jackson

Ed Jackson

In April 2017, professional rugby player Ed Jackson dived into a shallow swimming pool and suffered extensive spinal injuries. In the ambulance to the hospital he was resuscitated three times, and then faced numerous surgeries and ruthless rehabilitation. Unbelievably, a year on from his life-changing accident, Ed reached the summit of Snowdon. Embracing his new life as a recovering quadriplegic, Ed set about inspiring other people experiencing trauma, climbing mountains around the world, and creating a charity with his wife, Lois, called ‘Millimetres to Mountains’.

Ed Jackson

The Future

“Being outside and in nature is our biggest untapped resource in the battle for positive mental health.” Ed Jackson

Since 1893, Blacks has championed the benefits of a ‘The Great Outdoors’. The powerful stories we share evidence the importance of a Life Outdoors for us all. Nature provides so much physically, but also mentally and spiritually. There is no Planet B, so it is important that we do what we can to protect it for future generations. Leave No Trace, look after your kit and buy sustainable where you can.

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