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Fishing Bait & Lures

Experienced anglers know that catching a fish takes more than just lady luck; you need fishing gear you can rely on. Essential fishing equipment for attracting fish up from the depths includes realistic and detailed lures, tasty baits and quality flies all designed to entice the fish for you to make that dream catch.

Fishing for carp? Our fantastic range of quality soft baits including boilies, wafters and pellets are perfectly suited to the dietary requirements of the fish and guaranteed to stimulate them using natural flavours to create a feeding frenzy. We also stock groundbait which can be cast or balled into the water to attract fish into your chosen fishing area. Prefer predator fishing? Order the lures, lines, fishing reels, landing net and other dependable fishing gear you need to ride that adrenaline rush and land a big fish. Shop the great range of fishing bait, lures and flies available on sale at Blacks now.