Getting Pumped Up For Camping Season: Inflatable Tents

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Getting Pumped Up For Camping Season: Inflatable Tents

Picture the scene: you’ve crammed all of your camping gear into the car, sat in standstill traffic for hours playing the longest game of eye-spy ever recorded to try and keep the kids entertained, and endured endless toilet stops, only to arrive at your dream campsite still with the prospect of pitching your tent hanging over you.

Luckily there is a solution to speed up this process, allowing you to set up home and put your feet up before you can say ‘which pole sleeve is for this pole?’ Introducing inflatable tent technology, a remarkable innovation which is more popular than ever and revolutionising the way we camp outdoors.

The Rise of Inflatable Tents

Surprisingly brands like Vango have been developing inflatable tent technologies for over a decade. Yet it is only recently that we have seen a boom period for this technology within the camping market as it has slowly become more affordable.

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Why Should I Invest?

Inflatable tent technologies make it quicker and easier to pitch a large family tent when compared to tents which use traditional tent poles. They work by replacing standard poles with inflatable beams or tubes which are integrated into the tent itself. They mean you can pitch the tent in minutes and drop it at the end of your trip in seconds, allowing you to get on with the important task of enjoying yourself.

Vango, Berghaus and Outwell are three brands incorporating inflatable technologies into their collections. Here’s what to expect from each brand in our new Spring/Summer 2016 camping collection.


After 12 years developing and testing their inflatable tent technology Vango launched AirBeam® in 2011. The AirBeam® system uses a series of high quality tubes which when inflated creates a stable structure that maximises the space inside the tent. This innovation makes it possible for a single person to pitch a large family tent within minutes.


The exclusive Berghaus Air Collection is a diverse range of affordable family tents which use Air technology, an inflation system which makes pitching large tents simple and straightforward. Available in 4, 6 and 8 person models, the Berghaus Air uses colours inspired by their iconic Mera Peak jacket.


Outwell divides their inflatable tents into three new air systems. The Advanced Air Tube System features One-Go Inflation where all tubes are connected and easily inflated via a single valve. The Power Air Tube System has separate air tubes with supporting roof tubes for extra stability. The simple to use Rigid Air System also features separate air tubes.

This year Outwell have also developed a spacious Master Bedroom for their Smart Air and Air Comfort tents.

Get ready for camping season with our great range of tents now. Simply click here.

Want to know more about family tents like those in the Berghaus Air Range. Check out our video which explores the common features.

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margaret morris 15-05-16 21:28
Hello there.
I recently helped erect an air tent. It was a Vango. It quickly became obvious that the pumping action was causing a flair up of my permanent back problem. I was so disappointed as wanted to buy an air tent. The only way I will be able to cope (I am on my own) is if I use an electric pump. Could you please recommend a good one to use on the Berghaus 400 tent. Thanks very much.
claire 05-07-17 17:52
I would also like to buy an electric pump as my RA means the pump is impossible for me. So I'm signing in to see the responses.

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