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Tent Extensions, Awnings & Canopies

Make the most of your camping space with tent extensions designed to provide extra square footage when you need it most. From tent canopies to extensions with tunnel designs, you can increase your base camp every time you build a place to stay outdoors.

Designed using waterproof fabric or water-resistant treatments, our range of tent extensions match the quality of the tents they are built to work with. Hydrostatic head relates to the amount of water that the flysheet can withstand and keep you dry. Our extensions have different HH ratings that keep you dry whilst meeting every price point.

Sturdy pole systems ensure that the extension will stand as strong and stable as the tent itself. Using a variety of materials, from lightweight fibre and aluminium to the traditional strength of steel, our range of extensions offers the chance to balance strength, weight and flexibility to meet your need.

Erect a tent extension or porch to create extra room for storage and enjoyment on every excursion. They can take the form of a wet room – dedicated to keeping your muddy boots and gear separate from the rest of your stuff. Alternatively, a tent canopy can sit alongside your main tent and create a space to sit in the fresh air, taking in the view, without getting poured on.

Tent awnings can be securely affixed to your tent, creating a safe, stable poled area that can withstand wind and weather and significantly add to your living space.