Kendal Mountain Festival - Films to Watch

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There’s a whole host of premieres and world first's to witness this weekend at Kendal Mountain Festival. To make sure you don't miss out we have compiled a list of our top films to look out for over the long weekend. We have also listed the category for each film which Claire Carter kindly explained in our interview here. With a mix of short and feature length films and a broad range of subject matter there's something for everyone at Kendal. Roll film!

'Run Forever'

Category: Space
Director: Nick Brown
Run Time: 48:00
Synopsis: Nicky Spinks is a beef farmer from Yorkshire and one of the UK's best fell runners. In 2006, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, turning her world upside down. 'Run Forever' looks at Nicky's inspirational life and her record breaking attempt of a double Bob Graham Round in the Lake District; a 132 mile route, with 54000ft of ascent, that only one person has completed in under 48 hours.

'Joyful in the Night'

Category: Joy
Director: Matt Pycroft
Run Time: 5:00
Synopsis: What is it that draws climbers from the warmth of their beds to the dark and foreboding mountains of Scotland and Alaska? Why do they endure hardship, misery and fear? Is it masochism, is it intrigue, or is it something else entirely? Written by poet Ben Silvestre and directed by Matt Pycroft, Joyful in the Night is a gloomy love letter to the darker mountains...

'Gyalmu's House'

Category: Courage
Director: Asmita Shrish
Run Time: 18:30
Synopsis: In 2015 an earthquake of terrible power devastated the Langtang Valley in Nepal, taking hundreds of lives from the small community. A year later Nima Gyalmu, a woman of extraordinary strength, dignity and humour rebuilds her house in this remote and shattered place while trying to come to terms with her new world.

'Samuel in the Clouds'

Category: Fear
Director: Pieter Van Eecke
Run Time: 01:10:18
Synopsis: In Bolivia, the glaciers are melting. Samuel, an old ski lift operator, is looking out of a window on the rooftop of the world. Through generations his family lived and worked in the snowy mountains, but now snow fails. While scientists are discussing and measuring ominous changes Samuel honors the ancient mountain spirits. Clouds continue to drift by.

Film passes are still available for all four days and you can secure yours here. Alternatively you can buy a ‘Best of Kendal Evening ’ ticket and let the powers that be choose for you.

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