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Pioneered by Berghaus, Hydrodown™ is a revolutionary new take on nature’s greatest insulator. Whether you're bedding down on damp ground or climbing in less than perfect conditions, this breakthrough technology from Berghaus keeps you and your kit dry, warm, comfortable and light.


Developed by Berghaus AQ™ is a tried and tested fabric designed to keep you dry and comfortable. AQ™2 offers good waterproofing and breathability keeping you protected from the elements while out on the hill or during everyday use. AQ™2 fabric provides excellent breathability and waterproofing meaning you have durable and high performing clothing.


Look good and smell good thanks to Argentium Tech T Fabric, a Berghaus original, which uses silver ion technology for permanent protection from odours. Argentium is the latest innovation in next to the skin technology which is built to perform no matter what the activity is. This means you can exercise hard and stay fresh for longer, great if you're constantly on the go or are on an extended trip where weight is an issue.

Original British Mountaineers

Since producing their first pioneering range of backpacks back in the early 70s, then being the first brand to use GORE-TEX® technology in their waterproof clothing and walking accessories, Berghaus have continued to innovate and create incredible gear for people who live for adventure. Champions of the trusty waterproof jacket and experts in essential walking and hiking accessories, Berghaus consistently impress us with their great-looking ranges for all seasons and worldwide climates.

Berghaus began in 1966 as a specialist outdoor clothing and equipment shop in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Run originally by two friends, the shop was originally called LD Mountain Centre and was the first to import the best of foreign outdoor innovations and technologies to meet the growing demands of British climbers and mountaineers. Before long, Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison were developing their own outdoor gear - from the original Berghaus 'rucksack' (German for 'backpack') to the GORE-TEX® Yeti® Gaitor and an ever growing range of waterproof jackets. The two friends chose a new name, Berghaus - German for 'Mountain Centre' - and one of the world's leading outdoor brands was born.