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Tents & Camping

VANGO Iris V 500 Family Tent

RRP £320.00
NOW £250.00

VANGO Beta 350XL 3 Man Tunnel Tent

WAS £140.00
NOW £109.00

OUTWELL Birdland 4E Family Tent

RRP £400.00
NOW £299.00

OUTWELL Cloud 2 Man Tent

WAS £70.00
NOW £50.00

VANGO Mirage 200 2 Man Tent

RRP £160.00
NOW £129.00

VANGO Iris 600 Family Tent

RRP £370.00
NOW £295.00

VANGO Pop-Up 300 DS 3 Man Tent

WAS £110.00
NOW £80.00

EUROHIKE Backpacker DLX 2 Man Tent

RRP £80.00
NOW £40.00

EUROHIKE Mobile Mains Kit

WAS £70.00
NOW £29.00

VANGO Avington 600 6 Man Tent

WAS £370.00
NOW £270.00

EUROHIKE Fluorescent Lantern

WAS £20.00
NOW £10.00

EUROHIKE Rydal 500 Family Tent

WAS £300.00
NOW £150.00

EUROHIKE Stirrup Pump

WAS £11.00
NOW £5.00

OUTWELL Collapsible Basket

WAS £35.00
NOW £20.00

EUROHIKE Camp Kitchen

WAS £40.00
NOW £25.00

Tents & Camping

Blacks offer a great range of inexpensive camping equipment suitable for first time campers to experienced trekkers. We stock products by the finest brands, known for their outstanding performance, including The North Face, Vango, Outwell and Karrimor. With outdoor apparatus to suit all camping needs and budgets, there is something for everyone.

Here at Blacks we have an extensive range of high quality camping gear such as tents for camping, camping accessories and camping furniture all available at affordable prices. So, whether you want a simple 1 & 2 man tent, a family tent for a camping holiday, a cosy sleeping bag for a good night's sleep, camping cookware and picnic items to add to your kit or sleeping equipment, Blacks has it covered.

Here is a preview of our tents, for Spring and Summer 2013 click here