Mountain Athletics training session FAQs

- Where can I leave my bag?
There will be a cloakroom provided to leave any bags or clothing.

- Where can I get changed?
The store has changing rooms which can be used if you need to change into your workout gear.

- What does the session involve?
Various strength and conditioning exercises that will, for example, improve your trail running, climbing and skiing. These will include; core stability exercises using plank variations to encourage rotational stability control, squats and lunges to improve activity performance, increase joint stability and assist injury prevention.

- How much does it cost?
The store event and Mountain Athletics one hour training session are free.

-How fit do I need to be?
The training session is for all abilities and exercises will be adapted if they are too easy or too hard. On the short run to and from the store coaches will be at the front and back of the group to ensure nobody gets left behind or lost.

- How far will I run?
There will be very little actual running, these sessions are for overall strength and conditioning and are not running classes. Any running will only be to get to and from the store to the workout area, which is a very short distance. Running within the workout will be short and sharp for specific training drills.

- Can I still take part if I am injured?
The degree of injury will need to be taken into consideration by yourself to make the final decision. However, the coaches running the Mountain Athletics training session will show various progressions for each exercise and can adapt to ensure quality of the exercise and targeting of the correct muscle activation. Please inform the coaches prior to the start of the session if you have any injuries, conditions or concerns.

- What should I wear?
Dress appropriately for the weather conditions and temperature, the session takes place outside. Layer your clothing so excess layers can be removed as you warm up. (You will get very warm very quickly!).

- Will the Mountain Athletics training session still take place if it’s raining?
Yes, the training session will go ahead whatever the weather (as long as it is safe to do so).

- How long will the session last?
The Mountain Athletics training session will leave from the store at 7.30pm and go to an outdoor location close by. The actual training session will last up to an hour.

- Do I need to bring any equipment?
No, any equipment used for the exercises will be provided by the Mountain Athletics trainers.

- What should I eat prior to the training?
Ensure you eat and hydrate appropriately the day before, and morning of the training session. You should try and eat within an hour of the session, but only something that you know you can handle prior to intense exercise. Refreshments will also be provided at the store before and after the training session.

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