Alex Barry

Alex Barry

Outdoor Photographer

Lyminge Forest | 20th January 2015
    • What’s your earliest outdoor memory?

      Probably walks in the countryside with my father, I was taken on walks a lot, maybe that helped to mould me into who I am today. I also remember going out on picnics as a whole family and my grandfather cooking breakfast for everyone on a camping stove.

    • What tips would you give to someone who wanted to get started with outdoor photography?

      Actually go outdoors, I’m serious, pulling up in a lay-by and spending 5 minutes taking a picture before heading home isn't going to produce an interesting and original photograph. Go out and explore, if you're out enjoying yourself that is going to come across in your photographs. Secondly, outdoor photography doesn't need to be expensive. If you own a camera (or even a camera phone) you can go outdoors and take photographs.

    • Where are your favourite outdoor destinations to shoot?

      I really love the West Country, North Devon in particular. I just think that part of the country has so much to offer.

    • Do you have any outdoor goals that you want to achieve?

      I’m constantly setting myself goals, as soon as I achieve one I move on to something new. It’s a vicious circle but I think it helps me strive to achieve more.

      This year I’d really like to complete a half Ironman and eventually at some point in the future a full Ironman. In the long term, I’m set on climbing El Capitan one day, that’s the dream for me! But if I ever achieve that I'm sure I’ll move on to something else bigger, better and no doubt more ambitious.

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