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Womens Outdoor Footwear Accessories

Ouch! Not another blister! Our Women’s Footwear Accessories, Insoles, Laces & More will solve your problem. Whether you are looking to prop the foot up with extra support, additional structure or spongy padding, there’s sure to be a product to suit you. Soften the friction of hardwearing hiking boots against your heels and the balls of your feet by slotting in a pair of memory foam trim insoles or heel lifts that mould to the specific shape of your feet. To make sure you don’t run into troubled waters, condition your shoes with a fabric and leather reproofing spray, designed with a water-repellent finish for new shoes and boots. If your laces are looking a little on the shabby side, hook, loop and tie in a strong, fray-free set of wax laces which will stay in place in extreme weather conditions. Other footwear accessories include ice shoe covers for running in the snow, suede brushes, leather conditioner for softening your hiking boots, and Compeed blister plasters for the backs of your heels if breaking in a new pair of boots in becoming prolonged.