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Backed by over 50 years of experience, the Vango tent collection is well-honed and ready to improve every camping trip. From solo-explorers to the annual family getaway, Vango tents are built for accessibility and performance. Their range of tents boast waterproof fabric constructions, spacious internal layouts and tough, lightweight poles for a reassuringly strong build.

Vango have ventured into the inflatable tent market. Their AirBeam systems use inflatable internal poles that can be blown up and pitched within scant minutes. Using a powerful handpump that comes as part of your purchase, the AIrBeams are easy and rapid to use and provide serious stability in a storm.

Enjoy your time spent round the campfire with the guarantee of a great night’s sleep in all weather conditions with a TBS system. This innovative tension band technology advances the Vango pole stability to a new level. You will be assured of a safe roof above your head even in heavy wind.

Meanwhile, robust waterproofing create a dry and reliable refuge from wild conditions. With a range of hydrostatic head measurement – meaning the amount of water that they can keep out – the Vango range matches a spectrum of price points but be assured they are all waterproof enough for your standard night outdoors.

In terms of capacity, Vango dominate camping from 1 man solo tent all the way up to the 6+ person family camping experience. Lightweight is key and the small 1 and 2 man tents feature Vango's devotion to stripping out the extra pounds. Larger tents obviously weight more but even here Vango are determined to pack in as much quality technology and space as they can whilst keeping the weight as low as can be.