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Outwell are dedicated to perfecting the family camping experience. From small beginnings in 1995 they have grown into leading family camping brand their comprehensive collection of tents and equipment, their attention to comfort, and their rigorous weather-testing processes.

Forget about being cramped into a tiny space; Outwell tents are spacious enough to accommodate the whole family for several days or even a full summer holiday. For those who want the fastest, most convenient pitch possible, the Power Air Tube system is an inflatable alternative to a traditional pole structure.

The introduction of the Royal Master Bedroom in their larger models offers a living/sleeping space with extra headroom and a level of comfort world’s away from your standard night under the stars. Exceptional ventilation, large tinted windows and temperature-regulating Thermo-reflective coating all help make your tent the very best alternative to home.

The ultimate Outwell camping trip is about more than just the tent, though. Outwell footprints and carpets were introduced in 2007 to further enhance comfort standards. Designed to fit specific tents, these additions insulate and protect against the cold ground. Add some pieces of Outwell furniture, all made in line with their Scandinavian design heritage, and you have the ultimate homestead outdoors.