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Road Safety

Safety must be a priority when planning your next caravanning adventure. From the journey to the site, to the weekend relaxing by the campfire, our road safety equipment collection is designed to provide you with all the safety options you need to get by.

Our collection includes the Firemaster FM20 Fire Extinguisher which uses dry powder to extinguish firers are reduce the amount of damage. This is an essential item to store when on the move in case of emergency. House this in your car when on the move and use in an emergency.

Another great safety option for carvaners is the 3.5m Ratchet Strap and Hook from Summit. Designed to keep items secured and in position when on the road, the ratchet straps work using S hooks and tight bindings to relieve tension and keep your valuables safely in position. This allows you to store extra luggage on the roof of your vehicle and free up space in the caravan and car. Alongside these essentials, the caravanning road-safety collection also includes plastic towball covers, reflective trailer triangles, wheel clamps, Dual towing mirrors and many more products.

The dual towing mirrors are a requirement for any driver looking to stay safe with a caravan on the road. They allow for extra visibility of your caravan and help to manoeuvre the vehicle when on your way to and from any campsite or carvan park.

Stay visible, stay safe and be ready for anything with road safety equipment designed specifically for caravanning.